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We have a few older pups and adult dogs for placement!!!!  

Here at Hales Australian Labradoodles, Inc there comes a time when it is necessary to retire and re-home some of our breeding dogs. Although it is difficult to think about parting with a dog that has been a part of our family and breeding program, it is necessary in order for our program to thrive at the level you have come to expect. Our reputation is founded on our Australian Labradoodle's regal beauty, excellent temperament, outstanding health and overall balanced consistency in coat, size and color. Maintaining that level of consistency in all areas is our priority.

It is very important to us that we breed our dogs very conservatively and retire them at young ages. We want all our dogs to live happy healthy lives; which is why it is necessary to re-home our breeders once they have retired. It also allows us to always strive for perfection and make the best possible breeding choices. 

Thank you for considering Hales Australian Labradoodles for a future part of your family.

If you would like to be considered for one of our pooches, please fill out our adoption application. Please note ADULT at the top of the application and fax or email it back to us for review. We will look over the application and determine if we have a possible match for you.  



Name: Hale’s Magical Moonlight aka "Piper"
ALAA registration #:ALAA-023884
Sire: Memory Lake Debonair 
Dam: Hale’s Sunset Strip
Color: Raven Black
Coat: Curly Fleece
Size: Medium 17 inches 26 lbs
Health Clearances: Hips Fair, Elbows normal,CERF clear and normal, Vwd CBP and Thyroid panel. Piper has a DNA color coat of BbEe. She carries for all colors and have the ability to give us the most beautiful rainbow litters!! 
A little about Piper: Piper is the most beautiful Raven black dog we have ever produced and owned. Her coat is so silky, shinny and rich in its color and texture it doesn't look real!! She looks like she has a faux coat! LOL My groomer loves her and her amazing beauty, which is so hard to capture in a photo! Anyone who meets her is taken by the richness and sheen of her color! Piper is very friendly and clown like in her nature. She loves her toys and wants to be where the action is!! She doesnt want to miss a beat and wants to partake in whatever is going on!! She is up for anything!!  She is truly a showstopper, fun loving dog. Piper was born and raised right here with the Hale Clan and is perfection in every way to me!! Her conformation, structure, coat and fun loving personality, not to mention that unmistakable Hale's Stamp, is truly what we strive for here and our Piper is it!!  



Name:Hale's Taylor Made " Taylor"

ALAA registration #:ALAA-022462

Sire: Hale's Charlie Brown

Dam: Hale's Sophisticated Formal Attire


Coat: Fleece

Size: Mini  28lbs and 18 inches

Health Clearances:Hips OFA excellent, Elbows normal, Patella's normal, CERF clear normal, PRA prcd clear by parentage, vWD clear by parentage, complete Thyroid panel, DNA color coat bbEE,

A little about: Taylor is just as her name implies!! She is Taylor made to perfection!! Taylor comes from many generations of Labradoodles developed right here at Hale's Labradoodles with a long line of, not only beauty, but fantastic temperaments and excellent health.=) That show stopping highly sought after Hale's Stamp is evident but her playful yet gentle nature is what makes her Taylor Made of Perfection!!  We couldn't be more pleased with her and look forward to her offspring.  

Name: Hale's Chiquita Chulita aka"Chulita"

ALAA registration #:ALAA-018833

Sire:Hale's Classic Master Piece

Dam: aAprina in TP red Tashauns Coral Cliff's Fergie


Coat:Curly Fleece

Size:Mini 15 inches and 13 lbs

Health Clearances: Hips OFA excellent, Elbows normal, Patella's normal, PRA prcd clear, vWd clear, Thyroid panel,DNA color coat Bbee and may carry the parti gene.

A little about:" Chulita" is a true mini. She is our very own Webkinz.=) If she wasn't always wagging her tail and rolling over for a belly rub, you would swear she was a stuffed animal.Chulita has these great big amazing soulful eyes that look right into yours when she is looking at you. She is very sweet natured and loves her toys. She is a true snuggle bug. She loves to visit anyone, my little social butterfly. She is a true meet and greeter. She should be the door person at Wal-mart. =) We are certain she will pass on his gentle nature and friendly personality to her puppies.=)
Name: Hale's Sophisticated Formal Attire "Sophie"
ALAA registration #:ALAA-014969
Sire:Hales Louie Vuitton 
Dam: Hales lil bit of Sassy
Color:Chocolate with White markings
Coat: Curly Fleece
Size:Medium 19 inches and about 27 lbs
Health Clearances: OFA hips excellent, Elbows normal, Patella's normal,PRA prcd clear and vWd clear. vWd clear, complete Thyroid panel, DNA color coat bbEe. She carries the chocolate, cream and chocolate parti gene.
A little about: Sophie's very sweet and loving just like her parents and brother and sister. Sophie comes from a long line of Labradoodle's bred right here at Hale's Labradoodle's with excellent health, temperaments, and the regal beauty you have come to expect from our dogs. Here calm and gentle nature is a true joy to be around.She has great conformation with beautiful unique markings and exceptional heavy square boning. Sophie has a beautiful light chocolate curly fleece coat that is kissed by the sun.=)Here coat is lush and extremely silky soft and much darker underneath. It has beautiful movement in the wind. We are sure her regal beauty and calm nature will be passed onto her offspring.


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