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​I am Heather Hale, owner and breeder of Hale’s Australian Labradoodles, along with my husband and family we have been breeding dogs since 1997. We started with Bulldogs (which is still a great love of ours). Unfortunately in 2000 my husband and our son Grant developed terrible allergies, it left us looking and researching a new breed. We started researching other dog breeds that were hypoallergenic or allergy friendly. We fell in love with the majestic beauty and regal elegance of the Labradoodle and purchased our first breeding Labradoodle in 2001. The minute we saw them it was love at first sight.

Our Australian Labradoodles are home raised by myself, my husband, my 3 children and a wonder staff.  We have an office assistant, 2 veterinary technicians, a groomer and a trainer.  All our Australian Labradoodle dogs and puppies are kid friendly and well socialized. They all are raised with the meticulous care needed to produce well rounded, happy, healthy pampered pooch pups. Our children and staff are with the dogs every day in the yard or just doodling around! We can be seen at our beach house, the dog park, soccer field, yogurt land, or anywhere they let our beloved pampered pooches go! 

Our Australian Labradoodle puppies are born in our home, with our family, under constant supervision and care. All our dogs have plenty of space to run and play which ensures sound mental health and a happy life. Our dogs live here with us or with our extended family members which ensures they receive the tedious care it takes to properly care for your Australian Labradoodle puppy.

We only breed for the enjoyment of the puppies and to further promote Australian Labradoodles that have excellent health, conformation, temperament and the majestic beauty, and that unmistakable Hale's Stamp you have come to expect from us and the Australian Labradoodle. We strictly adhere to the Australian International Labradoodle Association (ALAA) and Premium Breeders List's code of ethics and breed standards.