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​Here at Hales Australian Labradoodles, Inc there comes a time when it is necessary to retire and re-home some of our breeding dogs. Although it is difficult to think about parting with a dog that has been a part of our family and breeding program, it is necessary in order for our program to thrive at the level you have come to expect.

Our reputation is founded on our Australian Labradoodle's regal beauty, excellent temperament, outstanding health and overall balanced consistency in coat, size and color. Maintaining that level of consistency in all areas is our priority.

It is very important to us that we breed our dogs very conservatively and retire them at young ages. We want all our dogs to live happy healthy lives; which is why it is necessary to re-home our breeders once they have retired. It also allows us to always strive for perfection and make the best possible breeding choices. If you are interested in adopting one of our retired breeding dogs, please fill out the application. Link is listed below. Please do NOT email us and ask us about availability. We will contact you if we have a match that we think will work for you.

Thank you for considering Hales Australian Labradoodles for a future part of your family.

Adult Dog Application