We are so happy to announce that our Hale’s Few and Far Between aka Amelia and our famous ladies man Burning Desire aka Clifford have honeymooned!! We just knew it meant great things when Amelia fell head over heels in love with one of our most popular bachelor's :) Amelia delivered 8 fabulous babies on August 18th, with puppies going home at 8 weeks. These beautiful Pampered Pooches will be medium in size at 18-19 inches and 30 - 40 lbs full grown. We have 3 dark red/caramel boys and 5 dark red/caramel girls!! They will all have gorgeous non-shedding fleece coats and that unmistakable Hale’s Stamp!!

We are currently accepting deposits!!

​Thank you for taking a peek at Hale's Australian Labradoodle's, Inc. We are very proud of our pampered pooches and are so thrilled you would consider us, when looking for your next family member. This page is for our happy honeymooners with buns in the oven. This page allows you to see what is in the works for the near future and help to plan when you will be bringing your new baby home.

It is not uncommon for litters to close prior to birth,  if you want to get a pampered pooch with the genuine Hale's Stamp, it is important to get your deposit in early! If you are looking for a puppy that is available now, please visit our Available Puppies page.

Feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions. Our contact information can be found on our contact us page.  Be sure to read over our policies and website before you call. It is very informative and has information to answer most, if not all of your questions. Again, thank for looking at our wonderful pampered pooches!! ​

​Going home October 12th!! 

Our big little baby, Hale’s Geisha Girl aka Sushi has honeymooned with our very handsome Hale’s Tom Selleck aka Stache!! We love, love, love Stache and cannot wait to see his little bundles of joy! With these 2 pooches you can’t go wrong and we are sure this litter will grow up to be as fantastic as their parents! Sushi welcomed a whopping 8 puppies on August 13th with pups going home at 8 weeks. We have 2 girls and 6 boys in the Chocolate and Caramel parti colors =) These little tykes will be large mini at 15-17 inches and 20-30lbs. All will have non-shedding fleece coats and the unmistakable Hale’s Stamp!!

We are currently accepting deposits!!​

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​Going home October 12th!! 

Please email us for current availability! We are behind on updating our website!  

It is not uncommon for our litters to fill up before or shortly after they are born! Below you will see what we have in the works and what your options are in getting one of our amazing pampered pooches with that unmistakable, show stopping, Hale’s Stamp!!! Please remember Mother Nature is in ultimate control. All dates are approximate. Mommy’s can have their babies sooner or slightly later than the expected due date. =) Just like people!! So we always do what is in the best interest of our Pampered Pooches, which can result in a change of release date, if necessary! As you will see by the litters listed below, we had quite a busy Winter!! Our lovely ladies had a little monkey see, monkey do, on wanting to get in on the monkey business;)!! Mother Nature has complete control of heat cycles and when they arrive, so we roll with the punches=)