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  • “Every time we walk Tucker anywhere we are stopped and asked where he came from?  And we respond with Hale's Australian Labradoodles is the only place they should go.”
    - Bill
  • “Daisy and the girls spend hours playing outside together, she is such a joy to have around.  Daisy has always proven herself to be an intelligent and easy-to-please puppy.”
    The Manning Family

  • “Daisy just graduated from her first puppy training class at Petco with flying colors.  She breezed so easily through all the commands that the trainer began giving her adult lessons! Thanks so much for all the work you do in preparing your puppies for our homes.  Crate training was so easy thanks to your pre-training and all you do in socializing your puppies.”
    The Manning Family

  • “We just want you to know how much we love Daily. Thank you for helping breed such a lovely Labradoodle.”
    - Leslie and Bob Spivak
  • "We just wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for such a wonderful addition to our family.  He has brought some much laughter into our lives as we are constantly cracking up by his personality and floppiness.  His top priorities in life are to be snuggled and to have his belly rubbed. That simple!  Life is good." 
    - Michelle Harder
  •  “It is wonderful not to have a shedding dog and the Labradoodle is truly a very sweet breed.  Finn is bringing us a lot of joy and companionship.”
    Pat Dorroh

  • “Ruby has brought complete joy to our family. Her personality is exactly what we wanted in a dog. She is the talk of the town, literally everywhere we go someone doesn’t hesitate to ask, “What kind of a dog is that?” My concern about my allergies is non-existent. She doesn’t shed, which is a plus.”
    - Rebekah Courtney and family

  • “This summer we are planning to add to our family by getting another Labradoodle! We would never go anywhere else but Hales”
    - Janna

  • “It's obvious that you have been doing this for a long time, and with great care and love. I would highly recommend you to anyone who is looking for a great family addition.”
    - Joanne Bertagna and family

  • "Everyone that has seen him has talked about how well socialized, smart and happy a puppy Maverick is!  Thank you to you and your family for that!  We are so thankful!"
    - Julie

  • "Cody is an amazing puppy and it was clear from day one that you and your family spent a lot of time with the puppies. Cody adjusted well to his new home and was quick to be house trained.  We all have pet allergies and are so pleased to say that Cody is the first dog all of us can be with and none of us have allergies.  This has been especially important for our boys who really wanted an indoor puppy.  We can't seem to go anywhere without a crowd of people wanting to meet Cody. They all comment how handsome, sweet and smart he is.  We always tell the folks we meet that if you are looking for a Labradoodle, the only one to see is Hale's Labardoodles.  It is apparent that you treat all the puppies like members of your family.  The schedule and training you do with the puppies makes it easy for us to take over and keep our puppy on the right path.  A huge thanks to Heather and her family for putting Cody in our lives."
    - John Greywitt

  • “Rosie's athletic ability and agility is truly amazing and something I did not expect.  The vet has said she has an athletic body and athletic heart. Thanks for doing such a great job at breeding wonderful Labradoodles.”
    -Steven Permut

  • "Buckley has completed two obedience classes and is always at the top of the class.  The trainer said he is the best Labradoodle she has ever had in her class and she has been training for 25 years."
    ​ -
    Denise Wysocki