About Us

​I am Heather Hale, owner and breeder of Hale’s Australian Labradoodles, along with my husband and family we have been breeding Australian Labradoodles since 1997. We started with Bulldogs, but unfortunately in 2000 my husband and our son developed terrible allergies.

As avid dog lovers, it left us looking and researching a new breed, that was more allergy-friendly. After researching, we fell in love with the majestic beauty, gentle nature and regal elegance of the Australian Labradoodle.  The minute we saw them it was love at first sight. 

I am a past President of the Australian Labradoodle of America and the International Australian Labradoodle Association. It was an honor to serve in that capacity from 2010 until 2019. Prior to that, I was the team leader of the Breeder Member Service Team, the Health Testing Compliance Team and also on the Infusion committee.

To ensure I am staying current on all the latest health information and doing my best to produce top-quality pooches, I routinely travel to health conferences all over the US. You can follow my journeys on my FB and Instagram accounts. 

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Me and Mercedes

Our Australian Labradoodles are home raised with the meticulous care needed to produce well rounded, happy, healthy puppies. We have 3 children 22, 20, 19 who help us socialize and raise the puppies when they are home from school in addition to our amazing staff. This ensures that proper care, training, and socialization requirements are met.  We also work closely with our veterinarians and specialist, as well as our staff to ensure our pampered pooches are not only well-bred but well taken care of. 


We raise Australian Labradoodles for the pure enjoyment of bringing such wonderful well-rounded dogs into the world and love sharing our passion with others. We not only have amazing companion pets. We also have pooches working as therapy dogs and service dogs in the court systems, hospitals, schools, Dr. offices, Dental offices, Alzheimer’s homes, as well as in reading programs worldwide. It is truly humbling to be part of something so special. We absolutely love and endorse the breed as a family or working dog. Their trainability, loyalty and gentle soulful nature are matched by no other. 


If you live on the Central Coast or in Bakersfield, we can be seen out and about with my pooches always in tow, at our beach house in Shell Beach, at the beach, the farmer’s markets, or at our local pet-friendly restaurants. 


We only breed to promote Australian Labradoodles that have excellent health, conformation, temperament, and the majestic beauty, along with that unmistakable Hale’s Stamp you have come to expect from us. Our 22 years of breeding experience in addition to the strict adherence to the Australian International Labradoodle Association (ALAA) and Premium Breeders List’s code of ethics and breed standards, is what set us apart in our breeding program.