Pupster Travel

We encourage all our Pampered Pooch families to come to our home and pick up their Hales Australian Labradoodle personally but we understand that is not always an option. If you would like us to accompany your pooch from our house to the closest major airport to you, those arrangements can be made, for an additional fee. All personal travel fees are determined individually.  The cost to deliver your Pampered Pooch, can range between $500.00 – $1500.00, depending on the location, availability, and date. This includes the (health certificate, crate, and ticket needed for the flight).  The earlier the reservation is placed will help to keep the delivery fee lower.  We do everything possible to ensure the transition from our home to yours, is as easy as possible! All personal travel fees are determined individually. Please contact us if you would like us to fly the friendly sky with your new Pampered Pooch!

Travel fee Includes:

  • Soft-sided airline approved travel crate (can be used to take your pupster in the car and on outings)
  • Health Certificate and acclimation papers from the Veterinarian, required for travel.
  • Airline ticket and accommodations for accompanied traveler and pupster
  • Transportation to and from Airport for traveler and pupster
  • TLC during travel from our hands to yours 😉

Your puppy will go from my hands to yours. All travel fees must be paid 10 days in advance. Once reservations have been made and a confirmation number has been sent to you, the travel fee becomes non-refundable. We fly most puppies on Thursday or Friday from Bakersfield.

The travel date will be scheduled in advance, if for some reason that date does not work for you and your puppy needs to travel on a different schedule then the rest of the litter, a fee for special transportation arrangements may apply. Feel free to contact us if you would like us to fly the friendly sky with your new Pampered Pooch!