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Updated 2-20-2020!!
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Thank you for your interest in our Australian Labradoodle Puppies. We take great pride in the meticulous care given to each and every pooch born here at Hale’s Australian Labradoodle’s, Inc. We have litters and puppies in all colors and sizes throughout the year. Please scroll down the page to view our current litters of pampered pooches!!

If you would like to learn more about Hale’s Australian Labradoodle’s, Inc and the experience of other families, please read our letters from Hale’s Australian Labradoodle’s, Inc, past puppy buyers. All of the great letters and pictures can be viewed on the Testimonials page. We would also like to ask that you read our policies page to learn what to expect from us here at Hale’s Australian Labradoodle’s Inc. All our beautiful pampered pooch, puppy pictures can be viewed below. If you are looking for a breeding prospect please refer to our Breeder’s for sale page.

Feel free to email us at haleslabradoodles@gmail.com if you have any questions that were not answered by our website. All emails or phone calls will be returned in the order they were received.=) Thank you for your patience!!

Going Home April 9th!

Abigail and Quincy

Hale’s The One with a Rose aka Abigail heard that our handsome Shelby Avenue Quincy aka Quincy was on the lookout for a lady of his very own. Oh, and she had to have a piece of him all to herself ;)! We are so pleased to be expecting puppies from these amazing parents and are pleased as punch they are here.  =) Abigail and Quincy had 8 amazing pups on February 15th. These pampered pupsters will go home on April 9th. We have 5 beautiful boys and 3 gorgeous girls and can’t wait for you to meet them=) These pampered pooches will be small-medium in size at 17 to 19 inches and 28 to 35 lbs. We have puppies in the Red/Apricot, Cream and/or Caramel tones with gorgeous non-shedding fleece coats and that unmistakable Hale’s Stamp!! All estimated sizes and colors are just that. An estimate of what we expect with a particular pairing. Mother nature decides what we actually get so we get to be just as surprised as you when they are born.

We are currently accepting deposits!!

Newborn picture

Going Home in April 🙂

Tuddy and Quincy

One of my favorite brands, Tory Burch, was the inspiration behind our little girl, Hale’s Little Tory Burch aka Tuddy’s name =) Tuddy is just like her name and full of classic style. Tuddy had a fling and kept warm this winter with one of our oh-so-handsome boys Shelby Avenue Quincy and we can’t wait to meet their puppies! Tuddy is due on/around February 28th, with puppies going home at 8 weeks, toward the end of April. Their babies will be large mini/small medium at 16 – 17 inches tall and 25 – 30 lbs full grown. They will all have silky, soft, non-shedding fleece coats in the Caramel tones with that unmistakable Hale’s Stamp everyone knows and loves! Please note all due dates are estimates from the date of breeding. Pooches are just like people and can have their babies either a little earlier or a little later than their actual due date. All go home dates are made from the date of birth. The official go-home date will be announced with the litter announcement and newborn pictures. All estimated sizes and colors are just that. An estimate of what we expect with a particular pairing. Mother nature decides what we actually get so we get to be just as surprised as you when they are born. Picture below in from their previous litter =) We are currently accepting deposits! 


People ask me all the time if my Pampered Pooches are easy to train! This is a video of Me, Mercedes 11 months, Italia 11 months, Portia 6 months old, Flower 7 months old, and Sky 4 months old demonstrating sit! They make me so proud!!