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Welcome to Hale’s Australian Labradoodles. Home of the Pampered Pooch with that show-stopping Hale’s Stamp!! We are an Australian Labradoodle breeder, breeding only the finest Australian Labradoodle puppies. 

Our Australian Labradoodles are outstanding in every way. They not only have regal beauty but soulful natures and outstanding temperaments that are consistency within our pooches. The true Hale’s Australian Labradoodle Stamp is simply unmatched in the Labradoodle breeding community.

About Us

I am Heather Hale, owner and breeder of Hale’s Australian Labradoodles, along with my husband and family we have been breeding our beloved pooches since 1997. We started with Bulldogs (which is still a great love of ours).

Unfortunately in 2000 my husband and our son Grant developed terrible allergies, it left us looking and researching a new breed. We started researching other dog breeds that were hypoallergenic or allergy-friendly. We fell in love with the majestic beauty and regal elegance of the Labradoodle and purchased our first breeding Labradoodle in 2001. The minute we saw them it was love at first sight.

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About Doodles

Welcome to Hale’s Australian Labradoodles. Here you will find general information on the Australian Labradoodle breed including size, coat, and coat types.

Australian Labradoodles are very loving, social, highly trainable and excellent companion dogs with majestic beauty that compares to no other. Their eagerness to please and smart, soulful nature makes them perfect for therapy work or a perfect family pet.

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Tri Boy

Tri Phantom This is one of our handsome stud muffins, Oliver. He is a Tri-Phantom Australian Labradoodle boy. I just…

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